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Welcome to RO Empire, an Official Fansite for the game Ragnarok Online. For people new to the game Ragnarok Online, I suggest taking a look at the New User Starting Guide. If you are bored, and feel like chatting, or have some questions please join the Official RO Empire IRC Chat Room.
If you like this site, and would like to show your support, please don't hesitate to donate via. the PayPal link on the right. :)

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RO Empire News
Attachment Pruning

Due to space issues, I am afraid I must prune old attachments - I've let it go without deleting since the forums inception in '03 as some of the really old images are quite amusing/fascinating to look back on (not to mention nostalgic).
However the site usage is so full I can't even access the CPanel at the moment, lol. (this is also the reason skins can't be updated and new attachments can't be added)

There is no "configurable" way to do it other than for me to grab X-number of attachments ordered by age - e.g. the 1000 oldest attachments or whatever and just delete all.
I expect I'll just remove a chunk of the '03 attachments for now, but it depends how much I need to get rid of (at most '03 and '04). So saying this, if there's anything you really wish to keep, do so and save it asap.
In ~3-4 days (Monday night I think - Australian time (+0930)) I'm going to do the removal. :(

Update: The issue has been resolved - no more pruning required (yay).

Posted: Mar/25/2010: 04:52 GMT By: Relena
RO Empire News
Chaos + Loki + Iris = ??

Official Thread
[QUOTE=Heimdrall]Well time is approaching to when we are planning the merger. I am making this thread to inform and discuss what will be happening with the merger and when. Please understand that as we get closer and the testing is closer to completed the timeline may shift a little to be sure we can accomplish the merge with the least disruption as possible.

As questions that I've not answered are made I will put them up in the question and answer list in this post.

1. When is this happening?
Current schedule is the Week of April 13th. As the time approaches we will put a final date on it.
2. What servers are merging?
Chaos Loki and Iris will merge to become a new server.
3. What will this new servers name be?
Not decided yet, there are a few name the server threads floating around, likely pick a neat name from that.
4. What will happen to my Guild?
All guilds will be deleted, old and new. We are taking a pre-list of current guilds/leaders for the purpose of removing Name sniping. For instance if you take a guild name that belonged to someone else we will be consulting that someone else first and possibly force break/name change the name sniping guild.
5. Why would you guys do that just leave the guilds...
While that seems like the short term easy road, it has a couple of draw backs. First there are a ton of dead guilds that are taking up good names. And second if the guilds stay it is more likely that the guild groups will continue to only mingle with themselves rather than looking for candidates across the new server.
6. What about my character's stuff and attributes?
Characters will merge over cleanly. Marriages and adoptions will stay linked, as will Homunculus, and created items like Pots and Weapons.
7. What about all my points I earned on x List?
We will reset all the lists, and likely start a procedure of regularly wiping the lists to keep competition up. Current Idea would be Alchemist on a quarterly basis and Smith/TKD yearly.
8. What about my Items?
We do not have restrictions on items planned for this merge except with a few restirctions.
9. Restrictions? That doesn't sound good...
Well God items will all be broken into component parts. The method for remaking the items will be the same as the first time but the creators name will get put on the god item. If a transfer of ownership happens we will change the name on the item.
Indeed, but the intention is to start off a new server with an advanced community. The MVP cards all have the same rate of entrance on all servers so do not pose a merger problem, but God items do not. All characters will be able to run the seals again, and additionally we will assist in the seal rolling every week for many months. We do expect many god items to enter the scene fairly quickly.
11. What about WoE and stuff?
WPS for 2nd quarter will not take place. WoE will be disabled for at least 2 weeks after the merge to allow guilds to get built up and what not. This means the Castles will not be accessible (so no treasure during that time).
12. What about my names?
Names are honestly the annoying part of this, we will be renaming EVERY char to "Current name_C" or L or I. The GM team will automatically go in and start removing the _ letters when possible. If name doesn't exist then we will need to ask for alternate names. We know the desire to name snipe may occur.. All I can say is we know who the original Name went to and will be very aggressive with name snipers.
13. That sounds dumb.. Why do it, it's so much work on the GM team.
It is, but the alternatives really stink, the advantage also is ALOT of great names will become available again. That process will likely take weeks to complete, but once done players should have the names they want and all the characters together.
14. Wait I have like 17 characters across all servers! Don't delete them!
One of the processes that is under development is to have a client that when you access the first time it displays all X# of characters, and allows you to pick the 9 to place on the account. The leftover characters will get put on a new account named account_(something). This process will allow you to organize your peoples. Also the GM team will be able to move characters between those accounts at a later time to be sure no permanent "oopses" happen. We will likely be deleting the very low level chars that were only used as name holders so plesae just delete them yourselves.
15. Extra accounts made?
Yes, it shouldn't be terribly many made but they will happen, a few hours game time will be alloted to those extra accounts so gear can be shuffled if need be.
16. Extra storage overflowing 600 spots?
A new account for those as well, hopefully not many though.
17. Larger than 30,000 stacks combining together?
Yeah, no new account for that, the extra will be deleted, this should not happen often however and we will have a list of what was removed.
18. WoE 1 vs WoE 2 items
Both will get broken down to parts. It was TOO easy to get them on some servers. Like I said we will be helping facilitate remaking, but a group will have to work a bit for it. A guild will not be starting off with a God item advantage, so it should help solve the question of who is the strongest guild leader in recruiting and leading his squad in iRO.
19. Name Precedence.
The oldest char that is active will get the name. So if there are 3 Heimdallr and one is from 2003 and still plays he wins the name. This is why the novice name holding thing shouldn't be an issue.
20. Prize Items?
USRC stuff will get found prior, and we will remake that item in particular afterwards.
21. Valk -> Prem Transfers afterwards?
Yes, we will not be changing that dynamic
22. How long is this expected to take?
We are expecting a pretty full day of merging, but we do not know what specific day we will be doing it yet.
23. Subscription time to accounts to get stuff in order?
It may not be necessary since nothing should really get lost in the transfer, only deleting characters would be the only player action. But we will look into the situation, giving every account subtime could be good or bad depending on the point of view.
24. Are we getting Renewal with this merger?
No, renewal will have at least a month lead time in announcement and testing, it is coming up on the horizon, but not in April.
25. Why the delay in starting WoE?
So we can get more name changes processed (is expected to take awhile, batch process would be instant but the name sniping would be extremely problematic.). Also guilds need to get an emp and build up possibly doing the seal quests.
26. Announcement of this?
Certainly, those that are currently active will see it on the forums, and next week on the patch notice. Later we will make a newsletter back to all the veterans of RO.
27. How will you help roll the seals and WoE 2 items?
WoE 1 we will be adding people through on a regular basis. if it takes 50 in each seal to complete we will add x completes to each level until players or us finish it to 50. That will happen alot.
WoE 2 we can add econ/ subtract econ requirements for all/certain castles, and even make special take events where winner gets it made for em. Other ideas on this are welcome.
28. Why take guild levels?
Guild levels are understandably saddening to lose. But we will try and make it interesting for you all to get those levels back, possibly with events for fastest to get x level or something.

As of now those are the big topics that come to my mind about the merger. Please post questions.[/QUOTE]

Posted: Mar/22/2010: 01:50 GMT By: Relena
RO Empire News
Episode 13.1 hits today!

Episode 13.1 pushes Ragnarok beyond the Midgard continent and into a newly discovered world. The new world holds new content for high level characters and for the first time has monsters above level 99.

The following is a breakdown of the new features/changes added in Episode 13.1.

* Maps
o A gateway was constructed at the Morroc Dimensional Rift.
o A Midgard expedition camp exists on the other side of the rift in The New World.
o The Splendide Fields are added west of the Midgard camp in the new world.
o The Manuk Mountains are added east of the Midgard camp in the new world.
o Two new guild dungeons are added for the new Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald castles.
o Added a new memorial dungeon instance to the Orc Village.

* Quests
o 2 New Godly Item Quests

* Items
o The existing items 'Eye of Dullahan' and 'Thief Ring' have been re-implemented with new effects.
o 29 new weapons and armor are added to the game, obtainable via the new monsters.
o The novice grounds has been changed to give new specialty character bound gears.

* Other Misc Updates
o The skill window has been completely redone to allow for a new skill tree view and confirmation on applying skill points.

Posted: Jun/09/2009: 09:55 GMT By: UndyingUnity
RO Empire News
iRO F2P server: Valkyrie

Now open

Posted: Sep/25/2008: 21:02 GMT By: hinatasou
RO Empire News

There will be no tolerance of the use of racial slurs. Bans will be lengthy for breaking this rule from henceforth.

All users are being forced to read this thread.

Posted: Nov/19/2007: 20:31 GMT By: Sephael
RO Empire News
Forum "virus"

I can only assume there was some exploit or something in vB, as such I have updated it to the latest version, and all known traces of the virus have been removed (if you notice anything else please PM me).
Only those of you that were using Internet Explorer would have been affected because Internet Explorer is a piece of ****. My suggestion to those of you that do use Internet Explorer is to make sure you have an up-to-date virus scanner to clean your system, and use Mozilla Firefox instead since it isn't as flawed as shitty IE.
Download here: /endpimp

The forums will be back up and running in a bit after I have finished checking everything out with my safe-from-zero-day-exploit Mozilla Firefox. (Edit: They're back up)

Edit: Also, I have no idea what the virus was intended for, but I remind everyone to NOT have the same user name and/or password as your RO account (in not only this forum, but every forum you frequent); it's asking for trouble.

Posted: Jun/28/2007: 22:38 GMT By: Relena
RO Empire News
Dystopia mod for HL2

Yes, this is blatant advertising, but it's my website and I love the game, lol.

It's KIND OF like Team Fortress, but 100 times better. It's a very very professionally made free mod for HL2.


Check it, it's good fun.

Posted: Apr/02/2007: 06:35 GMT By: Relena
RO Empire News
The forums are ALIVE!...

To quote the message some people may have missed:

[quote=Relena]For those of you that don't know, the forums were violated by some annoying person
exploiting some sort of flaw in vB 3.5.3 (the version I was using on ROE) and decided
it would be "cool" to erase the files. However have no fear, the DB and all attachments
have been left untouched (I think... The main site still has the posts on it so I assume


All should be good(ish) now. I must now sleep as it's quite late here. Please post any errors here so I can fix them up tomorrow.

I will also post more details about stuff tomorrow once I've had some sleep, for now, the forums are up and that's all that matters.

Posted: Feb/24/2007: 09:20 GMT By: Relena
RO Empire News
Login/Logout errors

There is a problem with trying to login and trying to logout (it throws a DB error) I'm trying to get it fixed, sorry about any problems!

Edit: Also after posting it throws another DB error.

Posted: Jan/23/2007: 04:10 GMT By: Relena
RO Empire News
New Beginnings Event

From the patch client:

************ New Beginnings ************

The beginning of the year is an opportunity to start anew and make changes in life.
But for some, crazy events force their life to go wildly off track. Would you help
such a person to get their life straitened out? Perhaps you will get the chance to
show how far you would go to help a stranger.

Mary in Alberta needs help in overcoming her problems with Donovan of Payon, maybe
you will be able to provide that help.

This experience will be possible starting January 23, 2007 to January 30, 2007.

Have your best year yet!

iRO GM Team
Gravity Interactive, Inc.

Oh, yea, what's that sound like? If it's what I think it is, it should be a nice start to the year.

Posted: Jan/20/2007: 09:58 GMT By: ensignfluke

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